Starter Set: 4 x 15ml (420, 432, 455, 463), brush, 1 x 20ml tube Relief Paste (073), instructions

Glas Art

GlasArt is a highly pigmented, vivid and transparent, solvent based paint designed for glass, ceramic, and plastic.  GlasArt is also suitable for use on metal and other nonporous surfaces. Glas Art is NOT dishwasher safe. Glas Art should be applied using soft natural fiber brushes and cleans up with mineral spirits or brush-cleaner.

  • Excellent even flow
  • Easy to apply
  • Good light-fastness
  • Heat-resistant, can be baked up to 300°F
  • Air-brushable

13029 039       15 ml jar (24 colors)
13029 005       50 ml jar (23 colors)