Candle Liner

Soft and creamy water-based wax paint for decorating candles. Odorless and fade-resistant, the paints will melt safely along with the candle. Create your own stylish custom candles for home décor, birthdays and weddings, party planning, holiday events and gifts.

  • Use the fineline applicator tip for lettering, doodles or line drawings
  • Squeeze it onto a palette to paint your design with a brush
  • Mix colors to create different hues
  • Try shallow, non-stick molds to make small embellishments
  • Spread a thin layer on a non-stick surface to create a candle wrapper
  • Dab it through a flexible stencil
  • Allow to dry thoroughly before handling

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18059009    25ml tube

Candle Liner Color Chart


Candle Liner Glue

Use to adhere embellishments and skins made with Candle Liner to wax candles

18059009880: 25ml tube

Candle Liner Metallic Deluxe Set – Gold, Silver, Black

Create a little drama in the dining room – let no candle be unpainted.

1805900000085: $13.99

Candle Liner Pearl Set – Red, White, Blue

Add some Americana to the picnic table!

1805900000087: $13.99