Graphix Aqua Pens

Aqua Pens are versatile watercolor pens in a vibrant array of colors. The high-quality inks are bright, lightfast and low-odor. Draw or color lines and solids as you would with any marker, or blend and spread the color with a damp brush for paler hues and lovely shading.

  • Dual felt-tips – contour point and flexible brush
  • Waterbased and water-soluble
  • Especially suited for use on watercolor paper

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01459 0100    Mega​ ​Mash 12-pack​
01459 0101     Make Manga​ ​6-pack​
01459 0102    King​ ​of​ ​Bubblegum​ ​6-pack
01459 0103    Metro​politan ​6-pack

Graphix Pens Color Swatches



Graphix Fineliners
Set of 4 pens, black no-bleed ink

01460 0101
0.2mm, 0.4mm, 0.8mm, brush tip