Painted candles are a great way to add flair to the flame in your home décor projects and holiday centerpieces.

There are several different ways to work with Candle Liner to get a variety of fun looks – doodling, freehand drawing, painting with a brush, stenciling and masking, tracing from a transfer, rubbing it into an etching, or creating skins that can be punched and glued on. Give it a try!

Use a dull pencil, a skewer or a knitting needle as a stylus to “dig” into the surface of the candle as you draw your design. Wipe away excess wax crumbs and then use a sponge or gloved finger to rub Candle Liner into the grooves. Quickly wipe away the excess paint with a damp cloth and you have a beautifully etched candle.

Paint freehand stripes (or use masking tape for the perfectly straight variety) and paint through sticky-back stencils for stars and other shapes. Try one coat for a slightly sheer effect or two coats for more opacity. How cute are these wax-lined LED candles for your next Fourth of July centerpiece?

stars stripes painted candle

Written by:Lisa Fulmer

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